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  One of the best ways for an individual, a family and a community to rescue itself from severe poverty and become a contributor to the world is through advanced education. 
To that end we provide scholarships to a local college for deserving indigent scholars. Without exception, these promising students would not be able to attand college without assistence. College here is suprisingly inexpensive. Tuition for a semester is about $150. We allow $15 a week in living expenses ($300 a semester) and $50 for books - for a total of $500 per semester per student.

You can deposit directly to our bank account.

For school year 2013-2014, the mission, through BOTCE, Inc., is supporting the following poor but deserving students in their enrollment in the Naval State University, Naval, Biliran. We hope and pray we can raise more funds to continuously support them for their tuition fees and provide them necessary allowances.

  • Mary Ann Malinao
  • BS-ED 1st yr.
  • Arturo C. Docallos Jr.
  • BS Information System 3rd yr.
  • Girlie Mae Llanto
  • BSCE 1st yr.
  • Charelyn Ermeno
  • BS ED 1st yr.
  • Mary Grace Impas
  • BEED 2nd yr.
  • Elizabeth Ann Icain
  • BSCE 2nd yr.
  • Jhemiene Calamba
  • BEED 2nd yr.
  • Jamaica Requero
  • BSBA 2nd yr.
  • Rosaleo Docdoc
  • BS MAR E 1st yr.
  • John Jolius Salas
  • BS COMSI 3rd yr.
  • Muriel M. Dacer
  • BS CRIM 3rd yr.
  • Victoria Balondo
  • BSBA 2nd yr.

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