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  There is little help available for persons with disabilities in our region. 
Through friends we have been able to procure a few wheelchairs for people who desperately need them.

You can deposit directly to our bank account.

Ronnie is a 15 year-old boy with cerebral palsy. He lost his father at the age of 5.
Because of poverty he has never been treated and his condition has worsened.
He was very happy to get his wheelchair - donated by Operation Blessing Philippines.
Another donor was moved to give Ronnie his Christmas wish of a small TV set.

Nanay Regalada is 66 year-old woman whose two legs were amputated due to diabetes.
She is also from a very poor family and lost her husband many years ago.
Her grandchildren are now doing their best to take good care of her.
Her wheelchair was donated by RagingRiver ICT Corporation
thru its CEO/President Mr. Rio Bautista of Mandaluyong.

The mission awared a Rollator walker to Annacorita Lanante
of Brgy. Balaquid, Cabucgayan. Biliran.

Giving wheelchair to a hydrocephalic boy.
His name is Jobert Diaz of Brgy. Haguikhican, Naval, Biliran.

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