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  Among the extremely poor medical care is obviously a major issue. 
There is inexpensive subsidized medical care available in the Philippines, but even paying a small amount is beyond the reach of many families.
And Doctors and hospitals have (necessarily) become rather callous about treating people who can't afford it.
So the poor tend to ignore medical needs unless and until the matter becomes extremely urgent. Even then many will opt to sacrifice themselves for the good of their family.
Commonly when a family needs money due to a medical emergency, they beg for it in one way or another. Anyone who has a nice house can expect frequent visits of this type, especially politicians.

We want to do what we can to help these people, but it's a difficult problem. I have to tell you that if word got out that we were offering money for assistence, there would be a continuous line at our door, not all of which would be genuine. We have to be cautious and circumspect with regard to medical assistance. At the same time we can't and don't want to ignore the problem. Even a little money makes big difference to some, and it is sometimes a matter of life and death.

  We will welcome and assist any medical professional who can come here and treat people. 

You can deposit directly to our bank account.

Major Medical Conditions

The second aspect of medical issues is people who need major medical procedures.
  These major conditions are very commonly left untreated.  Many die who could be saved, many more face a life of disfiguration. We maintain a list of people who need major procedures, some of whom are profiled here - in hope that some of YOU who are medical professionals etc. will take mercy.
If you are not a medical professional, perhaps you could bring this to the attention of someone who can make a difference with these people.
Some of these people should really go to another country for treatment.

Example is Mark Dagotdot of Baranguay Libtong who we understand has died without getting his needed help.

Mr. Teofilo Jorge of Sitio Bernardez Uno has had unexplained debilitating weight loss, which local doctors have been unable to diagnose.
He has not been able to work and support his family of five children. He was a porter for the local ferry, which is a very low paying job.
We are providing rice and canned foods and are helping him to have a CT scan and other dianostic procedures.

  The medical system in the Philippines is not like the West. 
For one thing, you don't make an appointment with a doctor, you go to his office and wait (and wait). Filipinos are accustomed to waiting.
There are some very good doctors here, but they seldom find themselves in these very poor areas.

  I want to tell you a little story, a vignette if you will. 
I was having some work done recently at my house - by skilled but very poor carpenters and masons. I paid them the going rate, which is about $5 (US) a day. One of them came to me asked if he could have the day off - to go to his son's funeral. I asked him how old his son was and what happened and he said "5 years - dysentery". It had been raining heavily for a few days, and many water sources become contaminated.

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