Piglet Recycling Program
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  This is a way of helping families become more self-sufficient.   It's kind of a micro-loan. 
It also helps acclimate the families to responsibility, industry, and managing finances.
We give a family a piglet - to be responsible for, to raise and feed. When the piglet grows into an adult, the family will breed it and have a litter. From the first litter, they will return a piglet to the program - to be given to another family.
 A piglet costs about $60 to $75 US dollars. 

You can deposit directly to our bank account.

Agreements of the Piglet Project
  1. The Piglet Recipient will raise the piglet, at his own expense, using proper feeds, pigpen, sanitation, medicines, and needed artificial or natural insemmination, until it gives birth.

  2. In order to help in the charity program of the Project Coordinator- Volunteer, the Piglet Recipient shall pay back or return three (3) piglets to the Project Coordinator-Volunteer, during the first breeding of at least 6 or more piglets, after having been weaned out in 5 weeks, so that the Projct Coordinator-Volunteer can further give two (2) piglets to other recipient-families chosen by the Donors, and one (1) female or male piglet retention for their Project expenses and charity programs. The Piglet Recipient shall pay back the said three (3) piglets depending on the number of offsprings and number of breedings, as follows:

      a) If offsprings are 5, only 2 paybacks, + 1 payback on 2nd breeding.
      b) If offsprings are 4, only 1 payback, + 2 paybacks on 2nd breeding.
      c) If offsprings are 3, only 0 payback, + 3 paybacks on 2nd breeding

    The Piglet Recipient understand that this is to make it easy for him/her to comply with the conditions of the paybacks. After completing full paybacks, the Piglet Recipient shall own the original pig, leftover piglets, and future piglets to be born, and do whatever he/she pleases to continue this livelihood opportunity given to him/her.

  3. In case of death of the pig, at any time during rearing, due to sickness or accident, beyond the control of the Piglet Recipient, he/she shall have no obligation whatsoever, and that this contract is considered null and void, provided the Piglets Recipient can show the dead pig, otherwise, he/she shall pay back the original cost of the piglet.

  4. In case of theft, with proper police report, the Piglet Recipient shall have no obligation whatsoever, thus making this contract null and void.

  5. In case, the pig is incapable of breeding, the Piglet Recipient shall refund the cost of the piglet within one year.

  6. The Project Coordinator-Volunteer shall have the right to visit or have ocular inspection of the pigpen and premises of the Piglet Recipient dwelling place in his/her presence. The Piglet Recipient shall comply with all laws and regulations of the Government in connection with raising of pigs.
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