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The Philippines has many living in extreme poverty - almost unimaginable by Western standards.
Rice is a staple in most of Asia,  but for many, even rice is a luxuary they can't afford. 
It's hard to even talk about average income for people who almost never see actual money.
 Malnutrition is commonplace, especially among the children. 
A 50 Kilo (100 lb) bag of rice cost approx. $40 usd. It will feed a family for about a month.
 We prioritize aiding families with small children or serious medical problems. 
Sometimes we take a whole bag of rice to a particluarly needy family. Usually we split bags into 2-kilo portions for distribution in a poor rural village.

You can deposit directly to our bank account.

Families living in extreme poverty in remote areas - receiving a whole bag of rice, plus staples & canned goods.

Giving smaller bags of rice and canned gooods to many families in a poor village. We used a local chapel as the distribution point.

Manually-powered bicycle Pedicabs are very common. In Naval, Biliran, a town of 20,000 there are 700 active pedicab drivers making about $2 a day.
It's considered a good job. We periodically distribute rice to the drivers, in exchange for picking up trash.

At a recent Fiesta celebration, some fairly well-to-do friends were hosting a buffet-style dinner with various bowls of mixed meats, fish and vegetables, and sweet desserts. They invited some distant relatives from a poor area "in the mountains". When the mountain folk arrived, they looked around at the large array of various elaborate foods, and went straight to the big bowl of rice, filled their plates to overflowing with only plain rice and sat down to eat.
At first I thought maybe they felt unworthy of the meats, but then I realized.  For them good quality rice was the delicacy.  I think they couldn't even see the other food.

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