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We provide school supplies and encouragement to young students who can't afford and might otherwise not go to elementary school.  More detail 
Many children don't attend school because they work to support their family (in rice fields for the most part) even at a tender age.
I visited a third grade class in a poor area that was over 80% girls. Why? Because the boys had quit school to work in the fields.
  We do what we can to enable young people to stay in school and empower them to be good students. 

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You can deposit directly to our bank account.

Unfortunately, the school systems are at the mercy of local politics and politicians.
Schools are always desperate for money  every time I visit a school, the adminstrators make an impassioned plea for help. 
The quality of a school very much reflects the relative affluence (or poverty) of it's area. It is almost universal practice for schools to require a tuition-like payment from students, otherwise they say they couldn't operate. But even if it's only $10 a semester, many simply don't have any money. The poorest of the poor are often not close to a school. I constantly hear from those in extreme poverty that they can't afford to send children to school.

 Teaching is one of the best jobs available.  A teacher in a rural or small town school makes about $300 (usd) per month gross. Taxes and retirement are deducted from that, leaving about $250 or less. Most take out a loan against their salary, which is an extreme burden to repay. There are many qualified teachers who can't find a job or wait years for an opening.

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