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 Our vision is to make a difference in the matter of extreme poverty by finding and implementing cost-effective methods of alleviating the symptoms of poverty. 

Don't forget that the main symptoms of poverty are suffering and death - people suffering for lack of resources, and dying for lack of help from their friends. But beyond that, poverty denies opportunity. What opportunity does a young boy have who must work in the rice fields rather than going to school? Having been around these extremely poor all of my life, I know they are good people. In fact they are happier than you might expect. They are trapped in a situation from which there is no tenable escape. They make life and death decisions based on scarce resources - financial and otherwise. They often sacrifice themselves for the good of their family.

 Our philosophy  is to do what we can do TODAY to help the ones we know about who need it most - in our neighborhood. And with your help, our neighborhood keeps expanding.

It is our hope that people will join us in this effort and establish other mission centers of mercy, that what we are doing will become a model for local poverty relief programs.

You might ask -  why should I contribute to JDR Mission rather than some other charity? 
No reason, except that you found us, and we are asking for your help. We promise to use whatever funds we have wisely. We are highly committed to being effective.
We are always faced with the problem of how to most effectively utilize and distribute our limited resources.
Our solution is simple: fix the problem that is in front of you now.

To be sure, the Philippine government and other governments and some corporations have programs aimed at extreme poverty. The last president had a plank in her platform to eliminate extreme poverty. It didn't happen. In fact, extreme poverty continues to increase - both as a percentage of the population and when expressed as number of people.

As I look around, I don't see much real impact in the lives of the extremely poor from government programs.
 The reasons are many. 
  • Much of the money allocated to fight poverty is siphoned into various places by the political process. Putting money in at the top of a government structure (as in grants and aid from other governments), little reaches the bottom. Much is diverted to studies, infrastructure, management, and more than you would suspect to outright corruption.
  • There is no real financial incentive for the government or industry to alleviate poverty. Many have said that a poor populace provides a cheap work force (and attracts investment). Thus there is actually a vested interest by powerful forces in keeping people poor.
  • Much is spent ineffectively - as in a recent program to teach expectant mothers about the benefits of breast-feeding - or patterned after Western programs which do not understand the nature of extreme poverty in the third world.
  • Programs which privide broad but limited aid, may be of little help to the extremely impoverished. E.g. inexpensive health care doesn't help a family who can't afford to travel to a hospital or care provider, or pay a reduced fee. I have seen many turned away from inexpensive medical help they can't pay for. In primary schools there is often a minimal monthly fee, inconsequential by Western standards, yet many children can't afford even a couple of dollars a month.
  • Many denominational charities are much more interested in proselytizing the disadvantaged than in helping the poor.
How can you know if we are in fact using the money for what we say? The answer is simple - we invite you to come and visit and see for yourself the work we do. Stay and participate in the work, for as long as you like. Our books will be completely open to you or anyone with such an interest. And I promise an education in the nature of life and the dynamic realities of poverty in the third world.

 Our work is a matter of conscience. Please listen to yours. 

You can deposit directly to our bank account.
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